Welcome to the world, Violette Josephine.

I am not a birth photographer. I’m a wedding photographer with a fairly filled schedule, so it’s not exactly realistic.

This is my friend Kailey. I promised her for the life of me I wouldn’t miss documenting her birth. Well, I blocked off several weekdays around her due date, though the little babe stayed in mommy later than planned – for 41 weeks. This then dragged into a busy weekend. I was genuinely upset knowing she may come and I couldn’t be there, but I knew it was completely out of my power. I had a wedding on Saturday then Sunday she came. I had an 8am engagement and another engagement at 6pm two hours away. She let me know early in the morning they were heading to the Midwife Center and I texted and promised her I would try to stop by after my first shoot and capture what I could. Well I got there at 10am and she gave birth at 11:20am. Breastfeeding by 1pm, and I was out by 2pm and even made it to my second engagement shoot! Friggin’ nuts, man. She wanted me to shoot everything – to tell the story, so I did.

Special thanks to the staff at the Midwife Center of Pittsburgh. I’ve never seen a more incredible, dedicated team.

Welcome to the world, my beautiful God baby Violette.

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