We just wanted to send this to all our April and May couples and talk about what we can do/what might be done if need be. We can take this week by week as we don’t know what each day will bring as far as government restrictions, etc.

There’s no need to be panicked or make a decision today. Most of our couples have weddings that are far enough away that they are in the “we don’t know what will happen yet” timeframe. But it always helps to put together a plan – some sort of “just in case, we will do X, then Y, then Z as our options.”

Basically, unless we’re sick or quarantined or there are some sort of travel restrictions in place, everything will remain on schedule!

What happens if we are sick or quarantined, but everything is on schedule for your wedding?
If that’s the case, we will find a photographer who is NOT sick to shoot your wedding. We’ll still edit and deliver it, and they’ll follow the same timeline that we worked on together. We’re trying very hard not to get sick by working from home full time other than shoot days and going very few places to minimize exposure. If there’s some sort of travel restriction for your wedding that prevents us from getting there, then we’ll try to find a photog who can get to you. At that point, we realize you might have guests and other vendors who can’t make the trip, so you may be looking at a postponement.

What if my venue shuts down and we have to move or downsize?
We are willing to work around the complications. If you want to stick with the original date and just plan to do a ceremony in your backyard, no problem! Otherwise, read below.

What if weddings are not allowed at all? What if we all have to stay inside or within a certain mile radius of our home?
Let’s talk postponement and work together to find a date we still have open. It might mean doing a Friday or a Sunday. We still have a few Saturdays left open in the summer and some in late October through the end of the year. I assume most of you would rather get married this year than next year, but we can discuss dates for next year if it comes to it. If you pick a date we don’t have available, we can offer an associate shooter who does have the date available, and we will still edit and deliver.

So, in summary…

1. We’ll do everything in our power to be there.

2. If you end up postponing, we will work with you on the date to transfer your retainer. We still have some dates available this year. Fridays and Sundays are WIDE open, and you can have any of those this year too!

3. If you end up postponing to a date we don’t have available or we can’t be there because of quarantine/illness/road closures, we can find an associate to photograph the wedding for you. We will still edit in our style.

4. If we cannot find an associate photographer on the original date due to road closures and movement restrictions or other strict/government/legal circumstances which would probably necessitate most vendors and guests being absent, we would in that rare case offer a return of your retainer. We would only have you forfeit your retainer if you cancel altogether.

5. YOU GOT THIS. This is a hassle and a mess right now, and we’re all a little worried. But you got this – you’re at the tail end of planning. You’re in love. You are 100% going to get married – it’s just a matter of when exactly right now.

Feel free to reach out and update us with any plans. We will figure this out and help however we can!

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