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Hi, Alexa here! I’m a lively Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based wedding and portrait photographer. All of my life, I have been in love with everything art—music, film, design, etc. I found myself in photography nearly a decade ago and made it a priority to make it my full time gig shortly after. When I created this company, I wanted to be sure to bring every art form I enjoy into the images I make. My associate, Sara, and I find it exciting mixing ideas together with our clients to generate a unique vision that lasts a lifetime. We live for proving how freaking beautiful you are… to you.


Lead Photographer

So, about me! Think big curly hair and funky dresses. I very much enjoy traveling. Exploring somewhere new every few months keeps me afloat. I have two fluffy cat children named Lucy and Nola. Yes Nola, like “N’Awlins”. It’s a great place. I love red wine and watching documentaries that make me cry. I’ve spent years singing and playing festivals in a dream pop band, but still occasionally drive around blasting bass-y tunes while yelling at the top of my lungs…because why not? I fangirl over John Mayer and ugly cry to This is Us. My favorite show of all time was Breaking Bad. I miss Walt, man. I ride a yellow Harley-Davidson with my super cool husband when the weather is good to us. Cities, beaches, deserts, or countryside? Give me them all. How about a classy night out? All about it. How about a lazy night in? All about it. If you want to know more, let’s grab a drink and talk about our personality types because I’d love to learn more about YOU!


Associate Photographer

A little about myself… Think friendly and enthusiastic. I thoroughly believe that if you want something out of life, you have to reach out and take it. I’ve been to Slovakia, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, and Germany, and will be grateful to add Italy to the list later this year! My husband and I go to New Mexico for a family reunion every summer, where we eat and drink under the Milky Way to the sound of local bands rockin’ out. Sometimes when the weather is nice I like to just drive, roll my windows down, and sing as loud as I can to the sunset. My favorite movie of all time is Aladdin – I still have Robin Williams movie marathons in his honor. We have two overweight cats, Ghost and Omar, whose big bellies are full of personality. And above all else I LOVE meeting new people! I want to hear your story and learn about what drives you in life. Let’s get inspirational.


Cat people.
Wine lovers.
Always smiling.
Probably traveling.
Believers in social justice.
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What does Wild Native mean?

The uncontrollable natural origins of the land. The Great Wonder with a wavering personality. Our Dangerous Home that both gives graciously and takes mercilessly. The Wild Native.

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